domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

The Women Fighting

                        The     Women Fighting

Women have had a secondary role in society! They have always stayed  home doing housework. They have been cooking, washing,, and cleaning for centuries. Was that  what really wanted? Nobody asked them.  The street has always been  men’s territory . Men have been going out  of the house  day after day to get money. This gave them economic independence and, in most of cases, a feeling of superiority.
But then came  the  20th century  and things have been changing  gradually. One  of the most significant  changes  for women  happened  with the suffragettes.  They fought  for the women  s right to vote. . Then, step by step,  women  have been conquering  new rights and engaging  in new  movements. Nowadays  we see more  women  competing  with men  in professional fields . some countries  have women  as presidents  and prime ministers.
There are also  many feminist leagues  and clubs  fighting the so-called “macho men society”. Their slogans say “ Women are so capable  as men”, “men are less  energetic than women”, etc. Of course these are just  slogans,  but they  reveal deep changes . There  are   fewer  women  doing housework . They are out in the street  - as much as men – fighting for economic independence  and for a  more decent social position.

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