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                          HAPPY HALOWEEN MONTH!!


             Halloween Fun by Makoto Nakazawa

Halloween is one of the most famous holidays in the U.S., and it is on October 31. People carve pumpkins and make funny faces on them. These are called "Jack-O-Lanterns." On October 31, children wear a special costume such as a witch, ghost, or clown. They go to many houses and they knock on the door saying, "Trick or Treat!" It means that if people don't give them a treat, they will play some kind of trick on the household. So, usually people give candy to them.
I carved my first Halloween pumpkin at my Friendship Family's house. First, I cut open the top of the pumpkin and pulled the seeds out. It was not good for me because it was sticky and smelled bad. I had never carved a pumpkin, so it was interesting for me. Next, I carved the eyes and the mouth. I wanted to make a face like a pirate. When I finished making the face, I put a candle inside. It was very beautiful, so I was happy.
I had a good experience because I learned one new idea about American culture by taking part in it. I think Halloween is an interesting American holiday which involves all family members and neighbors too!


1 When is Halloween celebrated?
( )At the beginning of October
( )During the Fall
( )About 3 months before Christmas
( )Between Thanksgiving and Christmas
( )In Winter
2 Which is true about Halloween?
( )Children rarely say, "Trick or Treat!"
( )Children receive gifts from their parents.
( )A witch or ghost may come to your door.
( )Stores sell many costumes, pumpkins and candles.
( )Children usually don't eat much candy on this holiday.
3 Which is NOT true about a Jack-O-Lantern?
( )It is made from a pumpkin.
( )You should have a knife to make it.
( )You might smell something bad when you make it.
( )You should light a candle inside it to make it beautiful.
( )You fill it with treats for children.
4 What is the first step in making a Jack-O-Lantern?
( )Carve the face.
( )Pull out the seeds.
( )Put a candle inside.
( )Cut open the top of the pumpkin.
( )Make a face like a pirate.

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