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                     BEAUTIFUL POEMS

Colors Of My World!

Sometimes my world is very shiny and bright~
With the colors of the flowers, blue, yellow and red...
And at those time, my heart is very happy,
And my mind bubbles with the happy things you've said!

Then in a lovely evening, the colors of my world change again~
To silver and the gold of the moonlight, and shadowy glows of the night...
My heart rests so pleasantly, and my thoughts turn so sublime,
The night comes and I find rest, and my world is so right!

Other times, when by the beautiful sea, my world is mostly white~
The froth of the water, the lofty clouds, and the seagulls up above...
And the soft breezes from the water waft my cares into nothingness,
And my heart is once again at ease, and I am enveloped with your love!

Colors of my happy, comfortable home, all hues of grains of wood~
Shiny bricks upon the floor, cool to walk on, divine therapy for my toes...
The smell of brown coffee brewing in the pot, promising me an indulging treat,
Colors of love and happiness, love for you like a beautiful full blown rose!

But just a sign from you that I have done something to upset your world~
And unkind word that tears the happy drapes from the portals of my heart...
And then my world turns all shades of an unhappy blue,
And my world crumbles into nothingness, and the teardrops start!

By Miskitti

I'm Richer Than You Are!

My mama told me when I was born~
I was so little she didn't think I would live...
She didn't have enough milk for me,
And I depended on the kindness folks had to give!

There was a milkman who gave me milk~
I believe he was a cousin of my dad...
I don't remember drinking the milk,
But as big as I grew up to be, it must not have been so bad!

Then later in life, I was a tricky brat~
My brother was bigger than me for sure...
And he used to fight with me all the time,
And I'd beat him up to even the score!

Still older yet, about nine years after I was born~
I remember mama reprimanding me for stealing her some corn...
But she cooks it for us anyway, in a big old pot,
And it was good, and methinks, I wasn't such a bad thing that she got!

When I went to school, I wore feed sacks made into a dress~
But I felt so fancy in them, I was proud of them, I confess...
I think back, and I remember I thought I was perfect, nothing to improve on here,
I was so very happy with my life, I saw only perfection everywhere!

When I got big enough, I got married to a very handsome man~
And I love him so very, very much, as only a cute country gal can...
And life was perfect, I didn't have everything, but that I didn't know,
One Christmas, my hubby gave me and iron, and in a picture, with it, I put on quite a show!

Simple I am, simple I was, and simple I will always be~
What I don't have, I don't need, and the fancy things I don't want to see...
I just take pleasures in the simple things of life, in the sky and the pretty country flowers,
And I think it's a lot of fun to lie in the green grass and watch the clouds up there for hours!

And perhaps, to you, I am stupid, and stupid, I well may be~
But if stupid I am, hey, that's okay, but are you as happy as me...
When you drive down the highway in your big old shiny car,
Just think of me, because in the things that count, I believe I'm richer than you are!

By Miskitti

I've Been Old Too Long!

I'm tired of dressing up like a fat old woman~
I'm tired of singing a damned old song...
I'm tired of being know it all and stodgy,
I've just been old too long!

So be on the lookout for what I'll do next~
I'm looking for youth and I'll find it come what may...
And I am planning to be carefree and happy again,
And I don't care what anyone will say!

I'm gonna dress up in a long loose dress~
With nothing under it but just me...
And I'm gonna get me a long, red convertible,
And just my dust you'll see!

I'll turn my radio up real loud~
And listen to happy music as I ride along...
And my old wrinkled body will turn smooth again,
I'll laugh when they say I'm wrong!

This bun I wear on the back of my head~
I'm gonna let it loose and let it fly with the wind...
I'm gonna wear a bikini at the beach,
And have a dolphin as a friend!

And to hell with looking prim and proper~
And to hell with thinking all of this is wrong...
I'm gonna break out of this damned old person shell,
Cause I've been old too long!

By Miskitti

The Divine Mystique!

Clouds of cotton filled the sky, in a field of awesome blue~
As the stream rippled over the rocks, it sang a song or two...
Beautiful mountains close by, reflected in the clear, pure stream,
Made my life so comfortable, a virtual angel's dream!

I stopped to tie my shoelace, and sat upon a tuft of green vibrant grass~
And a nightingale sang it's velvet song to me, an aria of the most excellent class...
The vapors rose from the water and caused and ethereal, misty dew,
And there looking back at me from the other side of the body of the water, 
I looked and I saw you!

You smiled your beautiful smile, with a mouthful of lustrous pearls~
A special angel that seemed to come out of nowhere, perhaps a king from another world...
You stopped and sat right next to me, and you kissed me on my cheek,
The intensity of the kiss you landed on my face, made my knees go weak!

Was this all and awesome dream, or was it so elegantly real~
To meet a handsome stranger was the wish all my life, I always wondered how it would feel...
And here you were in magnificent splendor, the handsomest man I had ever seen,
And you came to me as is by magic, from unknown vistas green!

But to ask questions about this happening, to inquire might spoil the image I saw there~
It definitely held great mystique for me, just knowing that you care...
And I will never question, from whence one came that is so divine,
I will just indulge in it, and thank heaven that you are mine!

By  Miskitti

In The Mood!

The sun has set in the west, it's a beautiful sight~
And I have showered and have put on my nightie, I'm ready for the night...
I smiled at you, and there was a twinkle in my eye that I hope you understood,
I put a pretty bow in my hair and I am trying to tell you that I am in the mood!

You went outside and brought in a bouquet of beautiful lilies for me~
And as you gave them to me, a glimmer of a smile in your eyes I could see...
We didn't hunger or thirst for anything, we were not wanting for any food,
And right away, I could see, that you, too, were in the mood!

You smelled so wonderful with a masculine spicy scent~
And I knew that even if I tried to resist you, it was impossible, because I can't...
Your kisses were so wonderful, and you said my mouth reminded you of a rose bud,
And I was so happy, because it was clear to me, that you, too, were in the mood!

You went into the glass cupboard and you fetched a glass for some sweet wine~
And you filled each glass full of the sparkling stuff, one for you and the other one was mine.
And as I sipped it and winked at you, thing were beginning to get really good,
Because you winked back and flirted with me, and it was evident you were in the mood!

And the time for night-night was here, and we went straight to our comfy bed~
And we were delighting in anticipating the best night we've ever had...
And oh, things were so wonderful, the time we had was super good,
And it's just great when we are so romantic, and the two of us are in the mood!

By Miskitti

Only Love Will Know The Reason!

Beautiful is the lake, where the wild water lilies grow~
For it is in this enchanted place, that wonderful love was mine to know...
But my love has long departed, and I am so dejected and alone,
And instead of the warmth of love do I feel, the coolness and dank invades my bones!

Where warm arms once held me tight, and joy I thought could never end was mine~
Now, there is only emptiness and sorrow, where once the lilies bloomed so divine...
And by my side there is nothingness, for without him, for me there is no use in living,
For when love leaves you alone and blue, the joy has left the gift of giving!

The water still is beautiful, azure as a kitten's eye can be~
When it gazes at a butterfly, like when you gazed at me...
And here I exist in an empty world, with no one I love to wipe my eyes as I cry,
And there is no dream appearing on the horizon, so I guess this is my fate until I die!

The mountains reflect in the lake, breathtaking as our love used to be~
Where dreams were magnificent, where glories were yet to be...
But time erased all of the beauty, as time erases the glory of each rose,
And then our love dies, and it wilts as the rose does, and what becomes of it,
 only God knows!

And I will dream forever, of a handsome, tall and glorious man~
Whose love made me so happy one time, but he will never come again...
And in the thatched hut by the lake, me and my desire for love will ebb and die,
And I will grow old and faint of heart, and only love will know the reason why!

By Miskitti

Who are you!

There once was a time when I thought I knew who you were,
Yet to look into your eyes I see nothing but a blur...
Have the days been so long or the nights so cold,
That what we once vowed seems almost absurd....

Yet my heart still longs for the Love we once made,
Two bodies entwined like the gold on a chain...
Where is this man who took claim to such passion
Who promised to Love, Cherish and Honor this sanction...?

Have the years between us mattered more than you cared,
For in your eyes I never saw a glimpse of despair....
Life was bound to change for us be it Better or Worse.
Faith was to lead us through the passageway of hurts....

Your lies are endless; claiming no responsibility will you ever bear,
Self-protection is your guide as you sit on over there....
With just the blank look you hold in your stare
Never hearing a word and always telling me you don't care....

Trust no longer lives here with in these walls of our home,
Respect cannot come if contempt is all that is left to share....
No longer am I the one you hold late at night or for that matter even kiss
"Good Nite"!

Even though we may lie in the same bed to sleep, and at the same table while
we sit down to eat.
The difference is a world apart, two souls who vowed to be as one....
Now live together so totally undone,
I thought I knew you so long ago, now one of us must stay and one must go....

By Linda Emerson-Rook

New Day Dawning

The sun is rising, revealing a brand new day,
My heart is singing in the most unusual way....

This day that is dawning puts a smile upon my face,
For whatever I do I must not bring disgrace....

I will choose to do the best that I can,
And with that I am already ahead in the race....

This day I will shine like a star in the sky
With God at my side every step of the way....

New Beginnings are happening everyday,
It is just a matter of how you choose your way....

Now go and do the right thing, keep those virtues by your side, and hold
tight to your morals don't let them get away, now go and have a "Great Day!"

By Linda Emerson-Rook


I hear the laughter of people off in the distance,
Knowing I too will be surrounded by life, engulfed with the living,
I will again be looked upon as the person I once was.
Full of optimism and trust, within a heart so full of Life.
I will not ever become what someone else thinks, but rather that of myself.

By: Linda Emerson-Rook 

My Sweet Little Desiree

Love lives all around you.
As I hold you in my arms.
I fall into another time another place.
Your little hand in mine bonds the future with the past.
Your smile extends like the rays of sunshine on a bright clear day.
Your laughter fills my heart and soul for only you truly know the meaning of
Unconditional Love. 

By: Linda Emerson-Rook 

The Ties That Bind

He who dwells here, sits as if never born, held between sane and insane.
Never knowing the difference of right from wrong. To look in the eyes of
emptiness, hateful and dim. No one resides here, his heart is his own, beats
only for himself.
Over the years I have watched, listened and heard.
Only that of a Child who was left somewhere in the past of his very own hell.
His grave he digs for he who will lie there upon waking, since no man will
live there only that of a child.
His soul never surrendered to God. His heart cold as the ground he walks.
His eyes a piercing gray. He sees only that which he can live with in some
profound sense. Reality is not his. The Child inside, he runs, he hides, he
lie's and deceives. No man lives there. Who gave such a soulless side to
him. For what reason for what purpose, their own! No Man till he faces
reality, Life not his, but societies.

By: Linda Emerson-Rook 

Friends Like You

There is no limit on sunshine seen in ones day

For the heart can see so much more than ever thought

No limit placed on love received in ones life

All this made possible because of friends like you

Wonderful doesn't begin to describe feelings felt

For some feelings are simply beyond description

Especially feelings as those your friendship allows me

And for that I know I have been blessed

Knowing I can reach out for your guidance when needed

Your assistance ever so near should I require a helping hand

Never missing a chance to point out everything good within ones day

And the best part of my everyday is having friends like you

Your friendship has become so important within my life

Sometimes all it takes is a simple call just to say hello

Perhaps a coffee shared with small talk and laughter

Or a silly card saying you were thinking of me

This life has indeed been made better because of your friendship

For you always bring me sunshine during my cloudy days

Allow me peace within my heart when I feel lonely

Thank goodness I have been allowed friends like you



Walking In The Rain

I still remember our first days together.

How we thought nothing

of doing those things

people do while falling in love.

Walking in the rain,

catching the falling snow,

picking wild flowers.

How long ago was that?

Seems like forever.

Now we always take our umbrella

when it looks like rain.

We stay inside during those snow storms.

Everything just seemed so "right" back then.

Not a care to worry about.

Not a worry to care about.

I have to say I kind of miss

those days from long ago.

I miss the spirit we had.

The excitement of falling in love with you.

More than anything else,

I miss us.

The way we were.

Caught up in the everyday world

and all the business a household demands.

All the time we spend away from each other.

Even while together.

Perhaps it's time we thought about

leaving the umbrella at home.

Maybe we should start looking forward

to the falling snow again.

Please take my hand once more.

Let's walk in the rain.

Let's make some angels in the snow.

Let's fall in love all over again.


By: Matthew Evans

Life's beauty has no doorsteps
Its past has no behind
The corner of its every realm cannot be clearly defined
So look at it as you see yourself for beauty has no mirror
For every love in your heart will not will always be true and clear

(Note: Short and sweet, I wrote it so everyone will know how truly beautiful they are as a child of God)


By: Matthew Evans

Life has its ups and downs yet I still go forth
and in every movement I make my life
for my evening star always falls north
and in every love I will always strife

for a better peace with mankind and all living things
if this can happen, it will be so sweet to the sense's
and the fears and aggressions I will put up to hang
and across the far distance I see love so tense

so onward I move love set in my heart I never will stop
then I see her she is so gracious and blue
I sit by her for a second in the fields of forgotten crops
she tells me her secrets which seem so true

and in that moment, that second of time, I kiss her lips and we combine.
all the tears fallen, the trees sitting in the breeze seem to be perfect to a imperfect me.

(Note: A simply poem that many could relate to hopefully)

Last Rainbow of Untamed Love

Like the river fox that is never tamed
I will love you with untamed love
and through every loss and through every gain
we will stick together like two doves
Like the last rainbow in the sky
I will always be by your side
and into two separate paths we will fly
forever our souls will glide
(Note: A Love poem I wrote to someone, I am sure it could be applied to many people)

Well that is some of my work, I should not even call it work. I enjoy it profusely.

Matthew Evans

Love From the Heart !
By: Linda K ( Mithi )
Love is only from the Heart
And should never be torn apart
Deep inside, it is like a flame
Burning and knowing this is not a game
It is only true feelings
Yet, these feelings are so appealing
Having one's touch
And to be Loved so Much
Never being torn apart
For true Love is only from one 's Heart !!

By: Linda K ( Mithi )
Love can be blind
Yet it can be kind
Love can be lies
but can not be denied
Love can be blue
but can be true
Love can not stay
if taken away
Love can break your heart
and tear you apart
Love can be found
with a soft sound
Love can not see
for it is a mystery
Love is a thrill
and never be Killed
Love is never solved
when it is involved
Love we Know
should only grow
Love is tomorrow
with out any sorrow
Love is on the inside
but should be shown on the outside
Love will never bind
But it can be blind!!

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