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How are you? 
I want to share a couple of cool things that I think you'll find interesting and helpful.  You probably know this already, but I'm always thinking of creative ways to make English learning fun and useful.  I hate "normal" English schools because I think they are so boring and also don't really help people speak like native speakers. 

I will do everything I can to help YOU speak like a native English speaker.  That's what I want to do with my life.  I will feel so amazing if one day I hear that I helped your English level, your confidence, and your life.  I started a blog about some of my ideas.  I will keep writing in there near the bottom of the page so take a look if you are interested.  FIRST, please keep reading.....

I made a dialog for you.  I want to teach you some of the words and phrases that you probably don't know EXACTLY how to use. Trust me, everything in here is very common and useful for 2011 English speaking.  I promise to ONLY teach these useful things.  I never want to waste your time by teaching something that you can't use in real life.  This dialog is a real one between me and a very close friend.  His name is Jay.  Every word of this dialog is REAL!

Andy:  Hey, how's the job hunting going?

Jay:  Terrible.  I just bombed a phone interview this morning.

Andy:  What happened?  Are you positive it was that bad?

Jay:  I'm pretty sure.  My gut feeling is that there is no way I'll get the job. 

Andy:  Why do you say that?

Jay:  We just didn't click at all.  There was a lot of awkward silence on the phone.

Andy:  It doesn't matter.  I'm sure you'll get something soon.  I'll keep my eyes pealed for any job openings I think you might be interested in.

Jay:  Thanks man.

Andy.  No problem.   

This is an exact dialog I had yesterday; true story.  There are a lot of interesting little things in here that native speakers say all the time!  Let me explain.....

Job hunting:  "Job hunting" is a common term we use in spoken English.  It is a less formal way of saying "job searching".  If someone is "job hunting", it means they are looking for a job.

Bombed:  If you "bomb" on an interview or a test it means you did really really poorly.  It was TERRIBLE!

My dad got really angry when he found out that I bombed my last two math tests.

I think I bombed in the job interview because I was too nervous.  I need to relax next time.

Positive:  If you are "positive" about something it means you are "absolutely 100% sure" that something is true.  Sometimes people say they are sure about something but the other person might want to know if they are really really sure.  If this is the situation, you can ask the other person, "Are you positive about this?"

That bad:  If someone asks, "was it really that bad?" they mean is it really as bad as you are making it sound?  The word "that" is used here to show that something is really really bad.

You can also use the opposite.  For example, I heard she was a really good singer but I really didn't know she was that good.  I heard her sing for the first time last night and she was amazing!

Pretty sure:  If you are "pretty sure" that something is true it means that you think so, but you aren't positive.  You are not 100% sure.  Pretty sure just means that it is a good guess.  Maybe something like over 80% sure.  Here is a perfect example:

I'm pretty sure I left my keys at the office.  I really need to run back and check.

Gut feeling:  If you have a "gut feeling" about something, it means that you feel something is true but you can't say exactly why.  You have a weird feeling in your stomach.  A "gut feeling" is someone's instinct. 

I'm not sure why exactly but I have a gut feeling that the guy we met today is a total liar.  There was something strange about him.  Did you feel that too?

No way:  This is used a lot in common spoken English.  In this example, "no way" means "no chance".  A couple examples:

There is no way that he will become a professional football player.  He's too short, weak, and slow.  He must be dreaming.

Your parents are pretty traditional.  I think there is no way that your mom will let you marry a guy 15 years older than you.

Click:  If two people "click" it means that their personalities match and have an easy time being together.  Example:

Steve and Sara have only been dating for 3 weeks but they really seem to click.  I think they are already talking about getting married.

Awkward silence:  An "awkward silence" is a really useful and interesting term.  I'm sure we've all had this experience.  Awkward sometimes means embarrassing or uncomfortable.  Silence is just being quiet.  So, an "awkward silence" is when two people are together or on the phone and have nothing to say to each other.  They both feel weird and uncomfortable but still no one knows what to say.

Here's an example:

There was a really awkward silence between my ex-girlfriend and I when she told me that she found a new boyfriend.

I'll keep my eyes pealed:  I really like this last phrase.  I bet you won't learn it in any school or other course.  Anyway, if you "keep your eyes pealed" for something it means that you will pay close attention.

Example sentence:

I know you said you left your bag at my house last week but I still haven't seen it.  Don't worry though, I'll keep my eyes pealed and call you if I see it.

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