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  1. Meet Betty and Jim

  1. A casual chat

  1. Cheer up

  1. Telling the time

  1. It´s lunch time

  1. Comparisons

  1. What are all those people doing?

  1. Nicknames

  1. Monday morning

  1.  Bad luck tide

1. Meet Betty and Jim

This is Jim. He is a student.
That is Betty. She is a student too.
Here is Jim. Jim is here.
There is Betty. Betty is there.
Jim and Betty are students.
They are students.

Jim:       Good morning, Betty!
Betty:    Good morning, Jim! 
Jim:       How are you?
Betty:    I'm fine, thank you. How are you?
Jim:      Fine, thanks.

2. A casual chat

Betty: Hello, Jim.
Jim: Hi, Betty.
Betty: What's that in your breast-pocket?
Jim: This? Oh, it's my new pen.
Betty: A pen?
Jim: Yes, it's a ball-point pen.
Betty: It's a beautiful pen.
Jim: Thank you.
Betty: Look, what's that?
Jim: That? Oh, it's a jet.
Betty: A jet?
Jim: Yes, an airplane.
Betty: Hey, Jim, who's that boy?
Jim: What boy?
Betty: That one, with the red shirt!
Jim: Oh that boy. His name is Jack.
Betty: Is he your friend?
Jim: Yes, he's an old friend of mine. And who's that girl?
Betty: Oh, that's Miss Perkins. She's the new English teacher.
Jim: Is she the new teacher? She looks so young...and she's so pretty!
Betty: Watch your step, young man!

An old friend of mine = um velho amigo meu
Ball-point pen = caneta esferográfica
Breast pocket = bolso dianteiro
Jet = jato
She looks so Young = ela parece tão jovem
That one = aquele um, aquele ali
“Watch your step”  = “tome cuidado”, “olhe onde pisa”

3. Cheer up

Jim: Hi, Betty.
Betty: Hi Jim.
Jim: Say, where's everybody?
Betty: Where's who?
Jim: Well, everybody! Our classmates!
Betty: Oh, I think they're all in the gym.
Jim: What's going on there?
Betty: There's a basketball game going on there.
Jim: Really? Do you know where the gym is?
Betty: Yes, I do.
Jim: And don't you want to go there?
Betty: No, I don' t like basketball
Jim: Is there a place where you want to go instead?
Betty: In fact, there's not. I'm not feeling very well today.
Jim: Oh, what a pity! Let me try to cheer you up. What about an ice-cream cone?
Betty: Hmm! That sounds good! But, where can we have it?
Jim: I know where! There's a new ice-cream parlour just two blocks down the street! What do you say?
Betty: Okay, let's give it a try.

Cheer you up = animar você
Classmates = amigos de classe
Feeling = sentindo
Gym = academia
ice-cream parlour = sorveteria
In fact = na verdade
Instead = ao invés
let's give it a try = vamos experimentar
That sounds good! = Isso parece legal!
two blocks down the street = dois quarteirões descendo a rua
what a pity! = que pena!
What about = que tal
What’s going on? = O que está acontecendo?

4. Telling the time

Betty: I think my watch is slow. Jim, please, can you tell me what time is it?
Jim: It's a quarter to ten.
Betty: My God! Is your watch right? Isn't it a little fast?
Jim: Of course it is right! It's a brand new wrist watch!
Betty: Let's hurry, then! We're late!
Jim: Are we? What for?
Betty: Our English class! It begins at ten o'clock sharp!
Jim: Oh, my! Let's hurry up!

brand new = novíssimo
Fast = adiantado, rápido
Let's hurry = vamos nos apressar (vamos correr)
Let's hurry up! = Vamos correr!
Of course = é claro
Right = certo
Sharp = em ponto

Slow = lento, atrasado

What for? = pra que?
what time is it? = que horas são?
wrist watch = relógio de pulso

5. It´s lunch time

Jim: Betty, please, what time is it?
Betty: It's five to noon, Jim.
Jim: That's why I'm so hungry. It's almost lunch time.
Betty: Yes. I'm hungry too.
Jim: Do you know what's good at the canteen today?
Betty: I think that there's the "cook's special" today.
Jim: The "cook's special"? What's in it?
Betty: There are two hamburgers, a lot of French fries, mixed salad and some toast on a plate.
Jim: Hmm ... That sounds good! I want one of these ... and a big glass of orange juice!
Betty: You're thirsty too! So am I! Let's go there! It's noon. It's lunch time!

almost lunch time = quase hora do almoço
canteen = cantina
French fries = batatas fritas
Let's go there! = vamos lá!

Noon = meio-dia

plate = prato
So am I! = eu também estou!
That's why = Por causa disso
Thirsty = com sede
toast = torrada

6. Comparisons

Jim: Hey Betty, how do you like my new boots?
Betty: They're beautiful. They make you look taller.
Jim: Do you think I'm short? I'm taller than you!
Betty: I know it, I know it... But you' re shorter than my brother.
Jim: Is your brother much older than I am?
Betty: Not very much. He's just about your age. But he's the tallest in my family.
Jim: Is he the oldest too?
Betty: No, I have a sister that's older than him.
Jim: I have a sister too, but she's much younger than me.
Betty: And is your sister taller than you too?
Jim: Hmpf! No you wise girl! She's just a little child.

He's just about your age = ele tem aproximadamente sua idade
how do you like = o que você acha
much older = muito mais velho
short = baixo
taller = mais alto
the tallest = o mais alto
wise girl! = garota esperta!

7. What are all those people doing?

Jim: Betty, look! What are all those people doing?
Betty: They're waiting in line for the next movie session.
Jim: What are they showing at the movie theater?
Betty: Oh, it's just one of those blockbuster action pictures.
Jim: Don't you like action movies, Betty?
Betty: No I don't. I'd rather watch to a good romantic story; with a happy ending, of course.
Jim: Oh, I see...
Betty: What about you? Do you like this kind of movie?
Jim: Not that much, in fact. I'd rather watch to suspense movies.
Betty: Oh, I like those too. They're frightening!
Jim: Indeed! I like to go to the movies just for the thrills!
Betty: Yes, but what I like the best is the relief at the end of the movie!

blockbuster action pictures = filmes de ação de grande sucesso
frightening = assustador
I'd rather = eu preferiria
Indeed = com certeza
kind of = tipo de
movie teather = cinema
Relief = alívio
showing = passando (filme)
thrills = sustos, vibração
waiting in line = esperando na fila
Watch = assistir
What about you? = E você?
what I like the best = o que eu gosto mais

8. Nicknames

Betty: Hello Jim, How do you do?
Jim: Hi, Betty, I’m fine, thank you, and you?
Betty: Fine, thanks! Say, Jim: What’s your real name?
Jim: My real name is James Parker. And what’s yours?
Betty: My real name is Elizabeth Warren. “Betty” is my nickname
Jim: “Jim” is mine. Parker is my family name
Betty: Do you have a middle name?
Jim: Yes, I do. Robert is my middle name. My full name is James Robert Parker. What about you?
Betty: I have a middle name, too. My middle name is Ann
Jim: So, your full name is Elizabeth Ann Warren, right?
Betty: That’s right. What are your parents’ names?
Jim: My father’s name is William, and my mother’s is Judith. But we call them by their nicknames: Bill and Judy.
Betty: My parents’ names are Francis and Susan. Their nicknames are Frank and Susie
Jim: What about your brother and sister? Do they have nicknames too?
Betty: Oh, yes! My brother’s name is Charles and my sister’s name is Margareth, but we call them “Charlie” and “Maggie” at home. What’s your little sister name?
Jim: Her name is Sophie. But we just call her “Baby”

Call = chamar
full name = nome completo
middle name = segundo nome
Nickname = apelido
That’s right = Isso mesmo

9. Monday morning

Jim: Hi, Betty. Good morning!
Betty: Good morning, Jim!
Jim: Say, Betty: Where were you last Saturday? I went to your house then, but nobody was there
Betty: Oh, me and my family went to the beach for the weekend.
Jim: So, this explains your beautiful tan...
Betty: Gee!, thanks!
Jim: Did you have fun there?
Betty: Hmmm... yes and no. The beach wasn’t too crowded, the sun was shining, the sea was calm and there was a fresh breeze at late afternoon...
Jim: This sounds like the perfect weekend to me. What went wrong?
Betty: Well, my parents rented a beautiful beach house for us, just two blocks from the town mall, where there were an ice-cream parlour, a movie theater and a dance hall, and where everybody in town went to.
Jim: Wonderful! So what?
Betty: Saturday evening I was strolling by there, sun-tanned, in my best summer clothes, looking at the shop windows, having an ice-cream and so on
Jim: It seems you had a good time. I wish I was there too. But I still don’t understand why you’re so upset.
Betty: Yeah, everything was alright. The only trouble was that my parents were by my side all the time!

and so on = e assim por diante
by my side = ao meu lado
Crowded = cheio de gente, lotado
dance hall = salão de dança
everything was alright = tudo estava certo
Explains = explica
fresh breeze = brisa fresca
Gee! = Puxa!
had a good time = divertiu-se, teve bons momentos
have fun = divertir-se
I wish I was there = eu desejaria ter estado lá
It seems = parece que
Mall = shopping center
Rented = alugaram
Sea = mar
Shining = brilhando
shop windows = vitrines
So what? = E então? / E daí?
sounds like = parece como
Still = ainda
strolling by there = passeando por lá
summer clothes = roupas de verão
sun-tanned = bronzeado(a) de sol
Tan = bronzeado

The only trouble = o único problema

there was = havia
Upset = chateado(a)

What went wrong?  = o que saiu errado?

10. Bad luck tide

Betty: Jim! What happened? You look terrible!
Jim: Gee, good morning, Betty. We aren’t late for the Math test, are we?
Betty: No, calm down! We still have a few minutes before it
Jim: Thank heavens! I’ve been studying and preparing myself to do it for the last two weeks!
Betty: How did you hurt your head?
Jim: Well, I was studying until late last night. I was needing some rest, but I was too anxious to sleep. So, I turned the TV on
Betty: Hmm, go on
Jim: They were showing a complicated epic movie, and I fell asleep in the living room’s couch.
Betty: So what?
Jim: I awoke in the middle of the night, thirsty, with my back aching and the TV set still turned on, but out of the air. So I turned off the TV and went to the kitchen, to drink some water. Then, I slipped on a rug in the hallway and hit my head against the wall.
Betty: Oh, poor boy! But watching TV late at night is not a good way of relaxing, don’t you know it?
Jim: Yeah, you’re right. But I think I was just crossing a bad luck tide
Betty: Maybe... Let’s hope we both have a better luck through the Math test!

aching = doendo
against = contra
awoke = acordei (passado de “awake”)
bad luck tide = maré de má sorte
calm down! = acalme-se!
couch = sofá
crossing = atravessando
fell asleep = adormeci (passado de “Fall asleep”)
hallway = corredor
Hope = esperar (ter esperança)
Hurt = machucar
rug = tapete pequeno, capacho
slipped = escorreguei
Still = ainda
Thank heavens! = Graças a Deus! (graças aos céus)
thirsty = com sede
through the Math test = durante o teste de matemática
turned off = desliguei
turned the TV on = liguei a TV
TV set = aparelho de TV
you’re right = você está certo(a)

11. Invitation to a party

Jim: Hi, Betty! Are you going to Jack’s party next Saturday?
Betty: What party?
Jim: Well, on June 19th, the next Saturday, it’s going to be Jack’s birthday. He’s going to be sixteen, and he’ll give a ball.
Betty: Really? I wasn’t invited to anyone’s party. And nobody invited me to any ball...
Jim: Betty, come on! Jack’s an old friend of mine and he won’t mind if I take someone with me.
Betty: Let’s make things clear, OK? Are you inviting me to your friend’s birthday party?
Jim: Yes! If you want to put things that way...
Betty: That’s different. Now I considered myself formally invited.
Jim: So, what do you say? Are you going there?
Betty: With you? Hmm... Let me think ... Yes! I’ll love it!
Jim: Great! I’ll pick you up at seven o’clock, right?
Betty: Wait! I’ll have to bring him a gift! What do you think Jack is going to like the best?
Jim: Hmm... I’m not sure... But I know he’s very fond of reading!
Betty: Wonderful! I’ll buy him a good book!
Jim: I thinks he’s going to love it!

Ball = baile
Bring = trazer
come on! = deixe disso!
he’s very fond of reading = ele adora leitura
I’m not sure = não tenho certeza
Invited = convidado
Let’s make things clear = vamos esclarecer as coisas
Mind = importar-se
Nobody = ninguém
pick you up = pegar você
Put = colocar
Someone = alguém
Wonderful! = maravilhoso!

12. Planning future parties

Betty: Wow! Jack’s party last Saturday was great, wasn’t it, Jim?
Jim: Indeed! And I never realized that you were such a good dancer!
Betty: Thank you! You’re a good dancer too. I can hardly wait for the next party!
Jim: I’ll be giving a party next month. On July 7th it’s going to be my birthday.
Betty: Really? Will you be giving a ball too?
Jim: Hmm... I don’t know I’m thinking of something different. A costume party, maybe.
Betty: A costume party? What a wonderful idea! Will you be inviting me?
Jim: Of course I will! I won’t be missing the chance of seeing all my friends in costumes! What will you be dressing?
Betty: I thinkYou’ll have to wait and see. It’s going to be a surprise. By the way, it’s not too long before my own birthday. I’ll be giving a party too. Will you be coming?
Jim: Certainly. If you’ll be inviting me...
Betty: I’m already doing it, you fool! But I still don’t know if there will be a ball... Had you really liked dancing with me, Jim?
Jim: Why, yes! As I said, I think you’re a great dancer
Betty: In this case, I think my birthday party will be a dancing party
Jim: I’ll be counting the hours for it!

As I said = como eu disse
By the way = a propósito
Certainly = certamente
costume party = festa a fantasia
Dressing = vestindo
Great = ótimo, excelente
I can hardly wait = Eu mal posso esperar
I’m already doing it = eu já estou fazendo isso
Indeed! = com certeza!
it’s not too long = não é tempo demais
missing the chance = perdendo a chance
Of course = é claro
Own = próprio
Realized = percebi
Something = alguma coisa
such a good dancer = um dançarino tão bom
there will be = haverá
Wow! = Uau!
you fool! = seu bobo!

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