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Prova atronato 2010

Primeiro Ano

Interagindo com o Texto.
         There is evidence of superstition among ancient civilizations. But this is not something of the past. Superstition is part of our modern world, too.
         Some very old beliefs are present among us today: a broken mirror, for example, means seven years of bad luck. A black cat brings you bad luck when it crosses your way. Some people never walk under ladder because it also means bad luck.
         There is also a place for good luck in superstition. Some charms and beliefs are popular because they bring good luck. There is a curious belief in Brazil: three kisses on the face of a single girl bring marriage.


Evidence:  evidência
Only: apenas
Among: entre várias
Something: algo
Ancient: antigas
World: mundo
Us: nós Too: também
Broken mirror: espelho quebrado
Old beliefs: velhas crenças
Luck: sorte Brings: traz
When: quando Crosses: cruza
Walk: anda Ladder: escada
Single girl: moça solteira
Means: significa
Marriage: casamento

1)Mark the correct alternative: 
a) Superstition is something only of the past.
b)  A black cat brings good luck.
c)  In Brazil there is not a place for superstition.
d)  Some people never walk under a ladder.
e)  There is not evidence of superstition in the past.

2)Why are some charms and beliefs popular? 
a) they bring bad luck.
b)  they bring good luck.
c)  they don’t bring hope.
d)  they never walk under a ladder.
e)  they bring a single girl.

3)There is a curious believe in Brazil:
a) a young man must marry early.
b)  three kisses on a single girl brings marriage.
c)  a single girl mustn’t marry.
d)  a sing girl must marry with a three huges.
e)  we must marry in Brazil.

4) São alguns tipos de superstição citadas no texto:
a) Gato preto e três pulinhos.
b)  Gato preto e beijos na face.
c)  Três beijos na face e entrar de costas no mar.
d)  Três beijos na face e andar descalço.
e)  Andar descalço e gato preto.

5)Which bject form of the personal pronoun can substitute the underlined phrase in the sentence?
1) The teacher always gives the students homework.
2) I am reading the book to my little sister.
3) The boys are riding their bikes.
4) My father is writing a letter to John.
6)Translate these sentences:
a) What are you going to do today?________________________b)I’m going to stay here.________
c)I have to talk to you____________________d)she always travels by car_______________________________

7)Change to negative and interrogative form:

a)It is going to leave.   N________________________ I_______________________
 b) You are going to leave.  N________________________  I_________________________

8)Choose the correct past tense:

  1. share
    1.      shared
    2.      sharred
    3.      sharied
  2. trap
    1.    trapied
    2.     trapped
    3.     traped
  3. permit
    1.      permitted
    2.      permited
    3.      permitied
  4. depart
    1.     departed
    2.     departted
    3.     departied

  1. marry
    1.     marryed
    2.     marryyed
    3.     married
9)Translate the sentences:
a) I’m kidding___________________  She was very angry______________________
b)They used to sing everyday________________________ He was looking for the girls__________________  c) He always sleeps after lunch_______________________
d)Call me after dinner____________________________

10) Change to negative form and to interrogative form:
a) They worked here yesterday. N____________________________ I________________________
b) We studied English last year. N__________________________

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