domingo, 13 de março de 2011

Expressions in english without translations (Expressões em ingles sem as trações


Young man
Watch your step
What a pity
 Cheer up!
That’s sound good
Let’s give it try
What time is it?
The hour  is late
Brand new
The watch is fast
 The watch is  slow
My God =  My Gosh
Let’s hurry up!
That’s why..
It’s  too much
As much as
How much?
It’s too few
As few as
How do you like...?
Do you think…?
Not very  much
Just about
That’s just  it
Just so
You wise ( girl,  boe, etc)
A little child
Wait in  line
I’d rather … than…
To have a seat
Happy ending
What I like  the best.
 To have  a seat
To show  a movie
 To give  a concert
How do you do?
What aboput you?
Full name
So what?
And so on
Everything  is right
Sounds like
Good lucktide
Calm down
To fall sleep
Poor girl/boy
He’s going  to be sixteen
She won’t mind
I never realized
I can hardly wait
Of course
By the way
It’s not too long to…
To be aware of
 To attend to a cpnccert
To do as well
To be deeply concerned
I was wondering
How come?
I haven’t made up my mind
See what I mean?
But despite it all …
To be in touch
It well deserves…!
To look for
To give up
To keep on
I guess you’re rright/wrong
What are friends for?to figure  out
 I got it
To hold a job
I’m absolutely sure
I hope so
Do you rally think so?
And what else?
He’s/she’s/you’re so full of himself/herself/yourself
To be taught of
Good news
To call up
To show up
A closer look
I wish you good luck
True good
May I help  you?
I’m glad to know  you.
To get in the way
I can manage
Pretty well
Would you mind to…?
To arrive  on time
To arrive late
To very well
I appreciate
I’ll send you to…
Medical check up
I’ll be seeing  you tomorrow
Do you have any question?
To give a step further.
Come along with me
It’ll be my pleasure
To work very hard
To feel overcharged
To rely on
To concern about
To need badly
Once in a while
As soon as possible
Are you alright?
I guess so
Time seems to run  so fast
Take of yourself
To stop and take a breath
Hold on
Lazy bum
To deal with
To show some consideration
State of mind
To talk something
I’d like  to apologize
To come across
To get through
I’m/was just kidding
Just in case
No man is an island
Guess what?
 Guess who?
Not even nearly as…
Carrier opportunity
To have a closer look
What else  can I say?
And so on
At full-speed
More or less
To firmly believe
To be living in the  best of the worlds
To be a horn
A living concert
Weather report
To sound like
Some kind of
I can’t see no reason
To grand the honor
To be full of yourself
Who else
If I only knew
To change the mind
To take a scolding
Even when I’m not supposed
Things are pretty tough
Sound money
It seems  just too good  to be true
You’ve guessed  it right
To go joy-riding
For quite a long time
The time has come
I can’t help
In my mind
I’ve grown curious
What about…?
What’s it for?
Never mind
To arrange things over
Peak seasons
No one knows what may come
To change ones mind
No matter  the price
From there on
To be  on your own
Thinking twice  about it…
Every single minute
Send there
We can take care of this
All that’s left for us to do is …
Early in morning
Make sure  you have
Now and then
I never leave home without
As far as I know
It’s better to travel lightly
Pack your thing up to travel
At last!
To hustle and bustle
Just a bit
To leave believe
To be flying high
What’s the matter  with you
A true believer
Don’t bother
You’d better  wait
No matter what comes
No matter what may come
What’s the matter?
Let’s keep  going
It’s right ahead
Well known
Hold it!
I think I’ve  had enough
Drawn  specially to match =
It’s own lights
The same way
It’s much  like the way
I completely disagree
I’m very fond of
To feel easy
Why don’t you try?
To do the best
Worldwide known
What do you think of
I can’t agree more
It seem to have  no end
It’s a pity
I can swear
To put on weight
To fit very well
Not too long ago
At the same timer
It’ll be a shame
Just once more
Fine Arts
Living proof
To draw a conclusion
What do you mean?
Against all odds
Despite everything
To stick together
To give birth to
To get back
For a change
No matter how much
Flow of  traffic
To ride a bus
To get acquainted with
To do everything but..
Wrong way
It’s time to say farewell
All that’s left to do
On the scheduled time
I’m sure to miss
To get used to
Long forgotten
Pretty keen
To get on board
There’s no place like  home
Home, sweet home
You’ve said  my words
To go under
Don’t bother you
It’s never too early
To do the dishes
To make the beds

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