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8º ano



8º Ano

Lição 1

Listem and read

A lady is asking a police officer for directions. Where does she want to go?

Lady: Excuse me, Officer. Where’s the National Bank?
Officer: It’s on the corner of Main Avenue and First Street, ma’am
Lady: Uh…and how do I get there?
Officer: First, go straight ahead on Second Street. Then, turn Right On Main Avenue
Lady: Go straight ahead on Second Street and turn right on Main Avenue…
Officer: Yes, at the second traffic light, but don’t cross the street. The National Bank is on your right, next to Rob’s Burger Shop.
Lady: Next Rob’s Burger Shop?
Officer: That’s right, ma’am.
Lady: Ok. I got it. Thank you very much. Officer.
Officer: You’re welcome

Lição 2

Listen and read

Oscar is helping a tourist find places in the neighborhood. Where does she want to go?

Tourist: Excuse me
Oscar: Yes?
Tourist:  Is there a drugstore near here?
Oscar: Yes, there is
Tourist: Where is it?
Oscar: It’s on the corner of Park and Third Street. Turn left on Park and go straight ahead for two blocks.
Tourist: I’m hungry. Is there a burger shop around here?
Oscar: Oh, yes. There are two burger shops near here
Tourist: Where are they?
Oscar: One burger shop is on Second Street, and the other is across the street. Look.
Tourist: Oh, yes.
Oscar: I can take you there
Tourist: Thanks. Let’s go then

Lição 3

Listen and read

Vicky and her friend Mike are ordering a meal at a burger shop. What do they order?

Attendant: What would you like?
Mike: A hamburger, please
Attendant: Would you like anything to drink?
Mike: hum… I’d like a soda, please.
Attendant: Small or large
Mike: Large, please
Attendant: And for you?
Vicky: How much is a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato
Attendant: it’s $3.70
Vicky: That’s expensive…A cheeseburger, please.
Attendant: Anything else?
Vicky: An order of French fries, please.
Attendant: Your total is $6.70. Is that for here or to go?
Vicky: For here.
Attendant: Your change.
Vicky: Thanks.

Lição 4

Listen and read

Vicky is having with Oscar’s family. What is their meal?

Mrs. Benes: Would you like some rice, Vicky
Vicky: Yes, please
Mrs. Benes: How much rice would you like?
Vicky:  About three spoons, please.
Mrs. Benes: Ok. Here you are. Do you want some beans too?
Vicky: No, Thanks, Mrs. Benes. I’m on a diet.
Mrs. Benes: Really? Would you like some meatballs?
Vicky: Oh, yes, please. I love meatballs.
Mrs. Benes: How many meatballs do you want?
Vicky: Just two. That’s enough.
Mrs. Benes: Here, have some vegetables.
Vicky: No, thanks. I’m fine.

Lição 5

Listen and read

Pedro and Vicky are talking about the weekend. What are their plans?

Pedro: Are you going to go out this Saturday night?
Vicky: Yes, I am
Pedro: What are you going to do?
Vicky: I’m going go visit my grandmother
Pedro: Are you going to have dinner at her house?
Vicky: Yes, I am.
Pedro: Lucky you! Your grandmother is a very good cook.
Vicky: What about you? Are you going to go out this Saturday
Pedro: No, I’m not. I’m going to stay at home.
Viky: Why?
Pedro: Because my parents are going out, so I’m going to take care of my little sister

Lição 6

Listen and read

Marta and Elisa are talking about their plans for Rosana’s birthday party. What gifts are two girls going to give Rosana.

Marta: What are you going to do tonight?
Elisa: I’m going to Rosana’s birthday party
Marta: Really? I’m going to her party too. What are you going to give her?
Elisa: I’m going to give her a CD. What about you?
Marta: I’m going to give her a pair of earrings.
Elisa: Wow! That’s a nice present. What are you going to wear?
Marta:  I’m going to wear a new dress. And you?
Elisa: I’m going to wear my red jacket
Marta: And who are you going with?
Elisa: I’m going with Carlos
Marta: Where are you going to meet?
Elisa: We’re going to meet at my house, at 7 o’clock
Marta: Uh... Can i go with you?
Elisa: Sure.

Lição 7

Listen and read

Vicky is telling Guga about St. Augustine, her hometown. What does she like about it?

Guga: Are you from New York, Vicky
Vicky: No. I’m not. I’m from St. Augustine in Florida
Guga: What is St. Augustine like?
Vicky: It’s small and quiet
Guga: Do you like living there?
Vicky: Oh, yes. I really enjoy living there
Guga: Why?
Vicky: Because St. Augustine is a historical city. It has beautiful old building. And the city is very clean too.
Guga: What about New York? Would you like to live there?
Vicky: No, I don’t think so
Guga: Why not?
Vicky: Because it is very crowded and polluted. And the traffic is terrible
Guga: Yeah, but it is very exciting. There are lots of things to do there
Vicky: Yes, you’re right.

Lição 8

Listen and read

Vicky is talking to Guga about different cities in Florida. What does she like about Orlando.

Guga: What is the weather like in St. Augustine now?
Vicky: It’s hot because it’s summer there now
Guga: And it’s winter here. It’s very cold today
Vicky: Yes, it is. I think the temperature is 12 degrees
Guga: What’s the weather like in St. Augustine in winter?
Vicky: It’s not very cold. But it’s colder than here
Guga: Does it snow in Florida?
Vicky: No, it doesn’t. It never snows there, but it rains a lot in the summer.
Guga: Is St. Augustine close to Miami?
Vicky: More or less. It’s closer to Orlando than to Miami
Guga: I would like to visit Miami one day
Vicky: Miami is nice, but Orlando is more interesting
Guga: Why?
Vicky: Because you can go to Disney World and lots of other great places
Guga: Disney World? Wow!
Vicky: It’s a great place. We can go together.

Lição 9

Listen and read

Vicky is talking to Anita about her old school in the United States. Who does she talk about?

Anita: What picture is this?
Vicky: My classmates and I in my old school
Anita: Were you in 6ª grade?
Vicky: No, I wasn’t. I was in 5ª grade in this picture.
Anita: Who is this person?
Vicky: Mr. Reed, my Music teacher. He was my favorite teacher
Anita: What was he like?
Vicky: He was really nice. He was a little strict but very friendly. And this classes were a lot of fun.
Anita: And who was your best friend?
Vicky: Tina, this girl. She was really cool.
Anita: Are you still friends?
Vicky: Yes, I send her e-mails and we chat on the Internet.
Anita: Do you miss your old school?
Vicky: Sometimes. I miss my friends there, but I like our school better
Anita: Why?
Vicky: Well, the students are friendlier.

Lição 10

Listen and read

Oscar and Rosana are talking about famous astronauts. Who do they talk about?

Oscar: What are you reading. Rosana?
Rosana: It’s a History book. I’m reading about Yuri Gagarin
Oscar:  Yuri who?
Rosana: Yuri Gagarin
Oscar: Who was he?
Rosana:  He was na astronaut. He was the first man to travel into space
Oscar: Really? What about Neil Armstrong? Wasn’t he the first man in space?
Rosana: No, he was the first man to walk on the Moon
Oscar: Oh, I see...Where was Yuri Gagarin born?
Rosana: He was born near Moscow, in Rússia.
Oscar: And when was he born?
Rosana: He was born in 1934.
Oscar: Was Neil Armstrong born in Rússia too?
Rosana:  No, he was born in the United Sates, in 1930.

Lição 11

Listen and read

Carlos and Oscar are talking about the weekend. What did they do?

Carlos: Did you go the school party last Saturday?
Oscar: Yes, I did. I went to the party with Guga
Carlos: How was it?
Oscar: It was great! The party was really cool. The music was fantastic and the food was delicious
Carlos: Was Vicky there?
Oscar: Yes, she was. Vicky and I danced all night
Carlos: Wow! Did Guga dance too?
Oscar: No, he didn’t. But he ate a lot, and he played vídeo games with Anita. And you? Did you have a nice Weekend?
Carlos:  Well, it was OK. I went to the movies on Saturday.
Oscar: Really? Did you see Harry Potter?
Carlos: No, I didn’t. I saw Batman, but it wasn’t very interesting. I slept a little during the film
Oscar: And on Saturday?
Carlos: I went to my grandmother’s house in the morning. Then, I stayed home in the afternoon and studied for the Math test

Lição 12

Listen and read

Ms. Mendes and Oscar are talking about their health problems. What is the matter with them?

Anita: Good morning, Ms. Mendes. How are you?
Ms. Mendes: Not very well.
Anita: What’s the matter?
Ms. Mendes: I have a headache
Anita: That’s too bad. Why don’t you talk to the school nurse?
Ms. Mendes: Good idea. Thanks, Anita

Ms. Mendes: Good morning, Class
Class: Good morning, Ms. Mendes
Ms. Mendes: Oscar, why were you absent yesterday?
Oscar: I had a toothache
Ms. Mendes: I’m sorry to hear that. Did you see a dentist?
Oscar:Yes, I did. And I took a painkiller
Ms. Mendes: And… are you feeling better now?
Oscar: Yes, I am, but I’m going to see the dentist again this afternoon.

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  1. Na Lição 1
    esta escrito
    ListeM and read
    O certo é "Listen and read" (com "n" )
    Blz bom site Parabéns
    Mas corrija beleza
    Ass:Best friend!

  2. a que legal este blog parabens e muito legal e interesante super divertido

  3. vc podia colocar as respostas dos deveres do livro do 8°

    - Tea with me that I book your face.
    - Chá comigo que eu livro sua cara.
    - I am more I.
    - Eu sou mais eu.
    - Do not come that it does not have...
    - Não vem que não tem...
    - To release the hen.
    - Soltar a franga.
    - Wrote, didn't read, the stick ate.
    - Escreveu, não leu, o pau comeu.
    - She is full of nine o'clock.
    - Ela e cheia de nove horas.
    - Between, my well.
    - Entre, meu bem.
    - I'm completely bald of knowing it
    - Tô careca de saber.
    - To kill the snake and show the stick .
    - Matar a cobra e mostrar o pau.
    - Can you please break my branch ?
    – Você pode quebrar meu galho?
    - The wood is eating
    - O pau tá comendo.
    - Uh ! I burned my movie ! Oh !
    - Queimei meu filme !
    - I'm with you and I don't open.
    - Estou contigo e não abro.
    - I will wash the mare.
    - Vou lavar a égua.
    - You travelled on the mayonaise.
    - Você viajou na maionese.
    - I have to peel this pineapple.
    - Tenho que descascar esse abacaxi.
    - Who advises friend is.
    - Quem avisa amigo é
    - Do you think this is the house of mother Joanne ?
    - Tá pensando que isso e' a casa da mae Joana ?
    - Go catch little coconuts.
    - Vai catar coquinho.
    - You are by out.
    - Você está por fora.
    - You are very face of wood.
    - Você é muito cara de pau.
    - If you run the beast catches, if you stay the beast eats.
    - Se correr o bicho pega, se ficar o bicho come.
    - Ops, gave Zebra.
    - Ops, deu zebra.
    - They are trying to cover the sun with the sieve.
    - Eles estão tentando cobrir o sol com a peneira.
    - Don't fill my bag
    - Não encha meu saco.
    - It already was.
    - Já era.
    - Before afternoon than never.
    - Antes tarde do que nunca.
    - Go to dry up ice.
    - Vai enxugar gelo.
    - Go comb monkeys.
    - Vai pentear macaco.
    - Do you want a good-good ?
    - Você quer um bom-bom ?
    - I need to take water out of my knee.
    - Preciso tirar água do joelho.
    - The cow went to the swamp.
    - A vaca foi pro brejo.
    - If this give branch, I bag my body out.
    - Se isto der galho, Eu saco meu corpo fora.

  5. eu queria saber daonde vem esse livro.

  6. noos as liçôes tao beim dificinhaas heim?! tem como dar as respostaa nao?!

    1. vc tem q criar vergonhaa na cara e fazer sosinho vai estudar

  7. Estou no 8ano e estudo com esse livro ele é bem legal apesar deu nao entender nada.Será que dá pra dar as respostas da pagina 63?é que tá dificil.