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9º ano



9º Ano

Lição 1

Listen and read

Guga and Rita are talking about her vocation. Did she have a good time?

Guga: Did you have a nice vocation, Rita?
Rita: Yes I did. I had a lot of fun.
Guga: Where did you go?
Rita: I went to Salvador. My mother’s family lives there
Guga: Who did you travel with?
Rita: I traveled with my mother and my sister
Guga: How did you get there?
Rita: We went by bus
Guga: And where did you stay?
Rita: We stayed at my grandma’s
Guga: What did you do in Salvador?
Rita: Oh, we did many things. We spent the mornings on the beach. In the afternoon, went sightseeing. Sometimes we went shopping too
Guga: Really? Did you buy any souvenirs?
Rita: Yes, I did. I bought souvenirs for everybody. Look. This T-shirt is for you
Guga: Thanks. I loved it. Did you try food from Bahia?
Rita: Yes, I did. I tried acarajé and vatapá. I like both
Guga: And when did you come back?
Rita: I came back last Sunday.

Lição 2

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Oscar and Rosana are talking about her grandmother. Where is she from?

Oscar: How was your vacation, Rosana?
Rosana: It was great. I went to visit my grandmother in Brasilia
Oscar: Really? Was she born there?
Rosana: No, She wasn’t. She was born in Macapá
Oscar: Where did she grow up: in Macapá or in Brasilia?
Rosana: She grew up in Macapá. Her family moved to Brasilia when she was 14 years old.
Oscar: Why did they leave Macapá?
Rosana: They left their hometown because of her father’s job
Guga:  What did she do in Brasília? Did she go to school?
Rosana: Yes, she did. She graduated from Hight School and started teaching children in a local school
Oscar: And when did she get married?
Rosana: She got married in 1964, after she started working
Oscar: How many children did she have?
Rosana: She dad five children: two boys and three girls
Oscar: Wow! So, you have a big family
Rosana: Yes, I do. I have many uncles, aunts and cousins

Lição 3

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The students are getting ready for their Physical Education class. Who can’t do gym today?

Mr. Ogawa: What happened to you, Anita?
Anita: I cut my forehead
Mr. Ogawa: How did it happen?
Anita: I was roller-skating in the park when i ran into a tree and bumped my head
Mr. Ogawa: Does it hurt?
Anita: Yes, a little
Mr. Ogawa: Well, maybe you should be more careful next time
Anita: Yes, you’re right, Mr. Ogawa.

Mr. Ogawa: What about you, Pedro? Did you hurt yourself too?
Pedro: Yes, I did. I sprained my wrist
Mr. Ogawa: How did it happen?
Pedro: I was walking up the stairs when i tripped and fell
Mr. Ogawa: Does it hurt?
Pedro: Yes, a lot
Mr. Ogawa: Well, in that case, you don’t have to do gym today
Pedro: Thanks, Mr. Ogawa.

Lição 4

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Marta and Elisa are talking about something that happened last Saturday. What was it?

Marta: Guess what? I saw Dan the other day
Elisa:You did?
Marta: Yeah, I saw him last Saturday
Elisa: Where?
Marta: In the amusement park.
Elisa: So... what was he doing?
Marta: He was getting on the roller coaster
Elisa: Was he alone?
Marta: No, he wasn’t. I saw him with a friend
Elisa: A girl friend or a boy friend?
Marta: Don’t worry. It was a boy friend
Elisa: Good. Did you talk to him?
Marta: No, I didn’t. It was impossible
Elisa: How come? What were you doing?
Marta: I was waiting in line to get on the roler coaster. There were a lot of people in front of me and it was really noisy
Elisa: What a pity!

Lição 5

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Oscar is quizzing Rosana for a geography test. How well do you think she will do?

Oscar: What are you doing, Rosana?
Rosana: I’m studying for the geography test. Would you like to quiz me?
Oscar: Sure it’s a good idea. Here’s the first question: What’s the longest river in South America?
Rosana: Oh, that’s na easy one. It’s the Amazon.
Oscar: That’s right. And where does the Amazon start?
Rosana: Uh... I know that it starts in the Andes, but i’m not sure if it is in Peru or Ecuador
Oscar: It starts in Peru. But what is the Andes?
Rosana: The Andes is the biggest mountain range in South América. I think that it goes all the way from Panama to Tierra del Fuego
Oscar: Correct. Here’s another question: Which is the highest mountain in South América?
Rosana: I’m sure that it’s the Aconcagua. It’s 7,000m hight.
Oscar: Right. Now, here goes the last question: Which is the most crowded city in South America?
Rosana: It’s São Paulo. I have no doubt.
Oscar: Perfect, Rô! Can I sit next to you during the test?

Lição 6

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Marta is helping Zeca to review a Science lesson. Does he know his lesson well?

Marta: What lesson are we going to review today?
Zeca: A Science lesson about penguins. Here…page34
Marta: OK. Let’s start then. What’s a penguin? Is it a mammal or a bird?
Zeca: It’s a bird. It’s a bird that hás wings but can’t fly
Marta: Right. And do you know why penguins can’t fly
Zeca: Uh... because they’re very big birds that have very small wing, I guess
Marta: Good guess. How do they move, then?
Zeca: They can walk on ice and swim in the sea. Oh, and they can slide too, on their bellies.
Marta: Yes, that’s right. Do you know if penguins lay eggs?
Zeca: Yes. They are birds, so they lay eggs
Marta: Good. Can you tell me where they make nests?
Zeca: Uh... I don’t know. Where?
Marta: Actually, penguins are birds that don’t make nests. They keep their eggs warm on their eggs warm on their feet and with their feathers.
Zeca: Oh, yes. I remember now. It’s this picture.
Marta: Right. Well done, Zeca! You really know your lesson.
Zeca: Thanks. I love Science

Lição 7

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Carlos is talking to an attendant at a community recreation center. What does he want?

Carlos: Hi, I’d like to join the community recreation center. What do I have to do?
Attendant: You have to fill out this form and bring me a copy of your ID plus two 3x4 photos. How old are you?
Carlos: I’m 14. Why I get my parent’s signature?
Attendant: Yes, you must get your father or mother’s signature.
Carlos: OK. Can you give me two forms, please? My brother wants to join the center too.
Attendant: Of course, I can. Here they are. Anything else?
Carlos: Uh… yes. May I use the swimming pool?
Attendant: Yes, you may, but first you must have a medical examination.
Carlos: That’s fine. And where can I leave my things while I’m swimming?
Attendant: You can leave your stuff in a locker
Carlos: Should I bring my own padlock?
Attendant: Yes, you should. It’s always a good idea to keep your things safe
Carlos: OK. Could you show me the pool and locker room?
Attendant: Sure. Follow me

Lição 8

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Vicky is negotiating with her mother. What are the two things that she wants?

Vicky: Can I invite Anita to come over and study with me?
Mom: No, you can’t. Your room is a mess
Vicky: But my room is tidy!
Mom: No, it isn’t. You can invite Anita if you tidy up your room first. Pick up all your CDs and put them away
Vicky: OK. I’ll put them away right now. Can she sleep over?
Mom: Sleep over? Why?
Vicky: Tomorrow is Saturday and we don’t have school
Mom: OK, but I have to call her mother up first
Vicky: I’ll look up her number in my phone book right away. And mom…
Mom: Yes?
Vicky: Could you help us with our Math assignment? We have to hand it in on Monday.
Mom: Of course. I can help you after we have dinner
Vicky: Thanks. You’re the best mom in the world
Mom: Yeah, but now take off your uniform and hang it up. Then, tidy up your room and put on a warm sweater. It’s getting cold.

Lição 9

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Guga’s mother is talking message for him from Elisa. What is the message

Guga’s mom: Hello?
Elisa: Hi, I’m Elisa. Is Giga in?
Guga’s mom: Yes, he is. Just hold on. I’m going to find him  [a little later…]
Guga’s mom: Sorry, but Guga is tied up. He’s helping his father in the garage. Would you like to leave a message.
Elisa: Yes, I would. Please tell him that Rita and I are going to study together for the English test tomorrow. Ask him if he wants to join us. If he does, ask him to call me back to set the time
Guga’s mom: OK, I’ll tell him
Elisa: Thanks a lot. Bye
Guga’s mom: Bye

Guga: So, what did Elisa say?
Guga’s mom: She said that Rita and herself are going to study together for the English test tomorrow. She asked if you want to join them. Then she asked you to call her back to set the time if you are interested.
Guga: I am. I’ll call them after I shower. Thanks for the message, mom.

Lição 10

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Pedro and Elisa are talking about a new gadget. How interested is he it?

Pedro: What’s this, Elisa?
Elisa: Oh, that’s a new gadget. It’s called Nabaztag
Pedro: Nabaztag? What’s it used for?
Elisa: It’s used to tell the time, read out e-mails, news headlines and weather reports, play music...
Pedro: Amazing!
Elisa: Yeah, Nabaztag can also dance and move it’s ears. Its body shows different colors and patterns of light
Pedro: Smart little bunny, isn’t it? But how does it work?
Elisa: Easy. Configure it throught your Web browser, and Nabaztag will receive and reproduce messages from the Web or your e-mail
Pedro: Cool! Who was it invented by?
Elisa: It was invented by Violet, a French company
Pedro: Is it made in France?
Elisa: Yes, it is, but it’s sold in other countries too.
Pedro: And how did you get it?
Elisa: It was sent to me by my cousins in Japan

Lição 11

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Pedro is telling Anita about the time when he lied to his parents. How did his father react?

Anita: Have you ever lied to your parents, Pedro?
Pedro: Yeah, I lied to them once, when i was in 6ª grade
Anita: Really? Why? What happened?
Pedro: Well, I was getting bad grades in Math. When my father asked me how things were going at school, I said that everything was fine.
Anita: How long did you lie to him?
Pedro: For the whole semester. Then, the school report came out and I had to show it to him
Anita: Did he get andry?
Pedro: No, to my surprise, he dind’t. He only said that I should always come and talk to him if I had any trouble
Anita: That’s nice
Pedro: Yeah. Of course, he made me study really hard for the rest of the year.

Lição 12

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Vicky and Carlos are talking about their plans. Who will go to technical school?

Vicky: What are you going to do when school is over?
Carlos: Well, if I pass, I will go to technical high school
Vicky: Why technical high school?
Carlos: Because that way I will be able to get a job after I graduate. And if I get a job, I will have money to go college
Vicky: What are you going to study in technical school?
Carlos: I want to study Automotive Technology. You see, if I take this course, I will be able to find a part-time job as a mechanic in an auto shop. And if pass the admission exams, I can go to college and study Mechanical Engineering.
Vicky: And what will you do if don’t pass the exams to enter college?
Carlos: If i don’t pass, I’ll probably try again and again. What about you? What are your plans?
Vicky: I’m not sure yet. I may go to high school and study life Science. I’d like to be a marine biologist. Or I might go back to St. Augustine and think about it for a while…

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  1. massa eu tenho esse livro é bom q eu já pego as reposta.kkkk

  2. pensava que tinha as respostas

    1. Guga and Rita are talking about her vacation.
      Guga e Rita estão falando sobre suas férias

      Guga: Did you have a nice vocation, Rita?
      Você teve uma boa férias Rita?
      Rita: Yes I did. I had a lot of fun.
      Sim, foi muito divertido
      Guga: Where did you go?
      Aonde você foi?
      Rita: I went to Salvador. My mother’s family lives there
      Eu fui para Salvador. A família de minha mãe mora lá
      Guga: Who did you travel with?
      Quem você viajou com voce?
      Rita: I traveled with my mother and my sister
      Eu viajei com minha mãe e minha irmã
      Guga: How did you get there?
      Como você chegou lá?
      Rita: We went by bus
      Fomos de ônibus
      Guga: And where did you stay?
      E onde você ficou?
      Rita: We stayed at my grandma’s
      Ficamos na casa da minha avó
      Guga: What did you do in Salvador?
      O que você fez em Salvador?
      Rita: Oh, we did many things. We spent the mornings on
      the beach. In the afternoon, went sightseeing. Sometimes
      we went shopping too
      Oh, nós fizemos muitas coisas. Passamos a manhã em
      da praia. Na parte da tarde, fui passear. às vezes
      nós fomos comprar também.
      Guga: Really? Did you buy any souvenirs?
      Sério? Você comprou as lembranças?
      Rita: Yes, I did. I bought souvenirs for everybody. Look.
      This T-shirt is for you
      Sim, eu fiz. Eu comprei lembranças para todos. Olhe.
      esta Camiseta é para você
      Guga: Thanks. I loved it. Did you try food from Bahia?
      Obrigado. Eu adorei. Você tentou alimentar da Bahia?
      Rita: Yes, I did. I tried acarajé and vatapá. I like both
      Sim, eu fiz. Eu tentei acarajé e vatapá. Eu gosto de ambos
      Guga: And when did you come back?
      E quando você voltou?
      Rita: I came back last Sunday.
      Voltei no domingo passado


  3. --' queria as respostas

  4. Ai achei ótimo em vez de ficamos digitando só da um Ctrl+c e Ctrl+v e pronto .

  5. perfeito kkk
    agora nao precisa mais ficar traduzindo um por um,é só copiar e colar

    - Tea with me that I book your face.
    - Chá comigo que eu livro sua cara.
    - I am more I.
    - Eu sou mais eu.
    - Do not come that it does not have...
    - Não vem que não tem...
    - To release the hen.
    - Soltar a franga.
    - Wrote, didn't read, the stick ate.
    - Escreveu, não leu, o pau comeu.
    - She is full of nine o'clock.
    - Ela e cheia de nove horas.
    - Between, my well.
    - Entre, meu bem.
    - I'm completely bald of knowing it
    - Tô careca de saber.
    - To kill the snake and show the stick .
    - Matar a cobra e mostrar o pau.
    - Can you please break my branch ?
    – Você pode quebrar meu galho?
    - The wood is eating
    - O pau tá comendo.
    - Uh ! I burned my movie ! Oh !
    - Queimei meu filme !
    - I'm with you and I don't open.
    - Estou contigo e não abro.
    - I will wash the mare.
    - Vou lavar a égua.
    - You travelled on the mayonaise.
    - Você viajou na maionese.
    - I have to peel this pineapple.
    - Tenho que descascar esse abacaxi.
    - Who advises friend is.
    - Quem avisa amigo é
    - Do you think this is the house of mother Joanne ?
    - Tá pensando que isso e' a casa da mae Joana ?
    - Go catch little coconuts.
    - Vai catar coquinho.
    - You are by out.
    - Você está por fora.
    - You are very face of wood.
    - Você é muito cara de pau.
    - If you run the beast catches, if you stay the beast eats.
    - Se correr o bicho pega, se ficar o bicho come.
    - Ops, gave Zebra.
    - Ops, deu zebra.
    - They are trying to cover the sun with the sieve.
    - Eles estão tentando cobrir o sol com a peneira.
    - Don't fill my bag
    - Não encha meu saco.
    - It already was.
    - Já era.
    - Before afternoon than never.
    - Antes tarde do que nunca.
    - Go to dry up ice.
    - Vai enxugar gelo.
    - Go comb monkeys.
    - Vai pentear macaco.
    - Do you want a good-good ?
    - Você quer um bom-bom ?
    - I need to take water out of my knee.
    - Preciso tirar água do joelho.
    - The cow went to the swamp.
    - A vaca foi pro brejo.
    - If this give branch, I bag my body out.
    - Se isto der galho, Eu saco meu corpo fora.

  7. queria sa respostas a prof mando agenti faze da pag 08 a 20 ela e loka

  8. blz? admiro seu trabalho nesse blog amigo!
    estou precisando das traduçoes das paginas 60 e 61 do livro KEEP IN MIND 9º Ano, desde ja agradeço
    se puder fazer para hoje seria melhor pois estou meio apurado aqui...

  9. tbm preciso das traduçoes das paginas 60 e 61, desde de já agradeço

  10. quero pagina 46 fazendo favor!!!